papier magazine | IT'S HERE!!!

My last week of classes ever  has officially begun. (what?!) These past few weeks have been extremely hectic and stressful (which is why I haven't blogged), but I can finally  see myself with diploma in hand. You might remember me introducing my big magazine project in a previous post and then following up with a few of my favorite spreads. Well, it's officially finished, printed and sitting next to me as I write this! 

On the first day of my magazine class, I remember my professor comparing the creation of this magazine to having a baby, and I thought she was being over-dramatic, but now I can totally see what she meant. After months of working for hours straight, my eyes burning from staring at a computer screen, encountering tons of problems, and finally getting to the point where it was ready to be printed, I found it hard to let go. I wanted to keep it and tweak it endlessly to make sure everything was absolutely perfect for its arrival into the world. Reluctantly, I bundled it into a ZIP file and off to the printer I went. I even made my roommate accompany me, and she can attest to how nervous and tense I was during the whole printing, binding and trimming process, but now I can happily say that I am the proud creator of a 40-page magazine! 

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to take such an awesome class at Ball State. I believe this project has pushed me creatively and helped me problem solve, art direct, expand on ideas and discover new ways to design and create. It is truly the most perfect and accurate example of my design style (since I came up with all of the design, color and type palettes on my own) and design capabilities.  

 My magazine can be seen online by clicking the cover below, but if you are in Muncie and would like to see it in print, feel free to stop by AJ 353 this Thursday (April 25) from 12:15-1:45 for free food and drinks while you browse my entire class' creations.


Click on the image to go the online version of the magazine.

Click on the image to go the online version of the magazine.