I was sitting in my second grade class and listening to my favorite teacher, Mrs. Diehl, read us a Tomie DePaola book and, for the first time, heard the word illustrator. I remember thinking, "Oh my gosh, this guy is so cool. Not only did he write this whole book, but he drew everything in it. I could never do that." 

Well, here I am in college, proud to say I can illustrate. Don't get me wrong, I'm not DePaola, and I won't be winning any esteemed medals, but I love illustrating. Freshman and sophomore year of college I was so intimidated by Adobe Illustrator and the pen tool, and now they are my two favorite things when it comes to design. I have developed my own style and love to illustrate for fun. It is relaxing and every time I illustrate, I push myself to a new creativity level.

All of this said, I've recently updated my illustration section of this portfolio with these five illustrations I originally did for a project. I'm thinking some may look good as prints, yeah?

Curious about what this mysterious project is? Check back for next post!