Yes, you will often find me attempting to use French words within my every day language. I first fell in love with the French language while watching the scene in the remake of The Parent Trap where the mom is speaking french on the telephone while sketching a wedding dress. My seven-year-old self instantly knew that she wanted to be able to speak whatever beautiful language was being spoken by Hallie and Annie's glamorous mother. I took a French for three years and high school and a semester in college and by no means am I close to being that fluent. I can tell you the color of something, my name, ask you what your name is and maybe what I want to eat. Impressive, right?

My favorite movie aside, I wanted to welcome you to the blog and let you know that I will be doing sporadic posts once I finish new design projects. Whether it be an ad, a poster, a magazine layout or even a craft, I want to update my site with my best work and sometimes that means updating it frequently. I am always changing and creating and I want my portfolio site to reflect that. I also believe that every project has a story behind it, so this is where I get to tell that story. 

Keep checking back for updates, I'll try not to bore you :)