walk the moon

This semester, I have the privilege of working as the Assistant Design Editor at our student magazine, Ball Bearings. For the spring issue, I was lucky enough to collaborate with one of my best friends/roommates, Catherine. Last summer, we both discovered the band, Walk the Moon, and instantly fell in love. To our surprise and delight, we also found out that the bassist (and hottest member), Kevin Ray, graduated from Ball State! Having a famous alumnus is almost the too perfect of a story for a student magazine, so Catherine began writing and I was the assigned designer to the three-page spread.

I was lucky enough to go to their sold-out concert in January at Old National Theatre in Indy, thanks to Catherine sweet-talking their PR agent. It was AWESOME. I am an avid fan of live music as well as dancing and singing with complete strangers, so this was right up my alley. I alread knew I wanted to use paint in the spread because Walk The Moon is known for painting their faces for concerts and music videos, but going to the show really inspired me and gave me a few different ideas. I ended up using patterns and colors the members painted on their faces, and voilà, a fun, bright design. Check out my magazine design page to see it in action!

Thanks for reading!


PS. Here are a few photos and a video from the concert. Enjoy!