the big project

Ever since I began my journalism graphics major at Ball State, I've been looking forward to this class, and I've obviously saved the best for last. After taking classes about newspaper design, information graphics and the creative process, it is finally time to take magazine design.

This magazine design class is exactly what its name says; we must design/create/grow/nurture a 40-page magazine from front cover to back cover. Everything from photos to ads to copy. There are a few hard requirements such as picking a theme, having two feature stories (one is eight pages, and the other is four), and having at least seven full-page ads (as well as many other nitty-gritty, technical details you don't want to hear about). The rest is filled with beautifully designed and department pages filled with interesting content and magazine standards like a masthead and contents page. 

Before this class even started (I'm talking two years before because I'm a planner), I already had a great idea swimming around in my head, so when my professor told us we had to have our magazine idea/theme and two feature story ideas ready for the first day of class, I was prepared. But, in true alex-fashion, I changed my mind at the last minute and decided to go with a theme about one of my greatest passions: paper and all it entails. Inside the pages of Papier (The French word for paper, of course), readers will find articles about stationery, invitations and greeting cards and their printing processes.

I am so excited to make such an expansive and creative project that will 100% reflect my design style, as well as my personality. So far, I've designed the media kit and ads, written both features and had photographers shoot the feature photos. We are currently in the process of sketching page designs (which is equally terrible and tedious because I hate sketching) and then hopefully (fingers crossed!) we will begin page designs! 

So, stay tuned for frequent updates about fun photos taken by two wonderful photographers, previews to feature stories, elements of my page designs and eventually the finished product which will be viewable online. 

Thanks for reading!