freelance | the baby gatsby

A few days after revamping my website, I received a text from Kasci, a friend from high school, inquiring about a project. She recently decided to open an Etsy shop that sells 1920s-inspired baby accessories; primarily bow tie/suspender sets and feathery jeweled headbands. Being a lover of the 1920s and a repeat watcher of Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris, I was excited to start the project.

Kasci needed branding for her store, as well as an Etsy banner (the personalized part of each seller's site). Her only requests were that it have a 1920s feel and incorporate a mustache and a feather. 

I began with the typeface, and after debating between a few, I decided on one I'd been dying to use for a longtime. It just so happened to be perfect for this project! Next, I illustrated the mustache and feather to be used in the logo. It may seem like a small detail, but I am extremely proud of that little feather because I freehanded the entire thing, wisps and all! I knew I didn't just want to throw in the feather and mustache next to the text, so I incorporated it into the text to give it even more personality. Take a look!

The "B" offered a perfect head-like shape, so it got to wear the golden feather head wrap. And as for the mustache, it just made sense that this "G" got a mustache. 

As for the Etsy banner, I drew inspiration from a special edition of the book The Great Gatsby that was decked out with beautiful gold foil accents-- completely different than the original abstract cover art. Once I finished making the background, I placed the logo on it and it was ready to go!

This was such a fun project, and I'm so happy that Kasci contacted me! Go check out her cute shop on Etsy and then join me in watching The Great Gatsby.

Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, friends and food!


PS. If you have a project that you'd like me to work on, please feel free to contact me either by my contact page or emailing me directly. I'd love to see what your ideas are and how I can help you creatively!