A not-so-silent summer

It's not like me to be a silent person, and anyone who knows me knows that all too well! It's been almost six months since I've last posted, which is WAY too long if you ask me. So, I'm breaking the silence to say welcome back and it's time to get back into a normal routine, but first, let me tell you what I've been up to since April... 

After I finished my magazine, I had only finals week standing between me and my college diploma! (I can't believe it either) On May 4, I graduated from Ball State University with a bachelor's degree in journalism and a minor in sociology. I spent the week leading up to that Saturday soaking up being a college student, because I would never get to experience this awesome time in my life again, and as I know now, it went all too fast. I made memories with my roommates over homemade dinners and bonfires, had one of the most fun weekends of my life, and then began packing my room in my home-away-from-home in Muncie. I'm pretty sure I got five minutes of sleep the actual night before graduation and woke up in what seemed like a dream. The next thing I knew, I was walking with my roommates down our beloved Dill Street for one of the last times, but not with the usual backpack or even our going-out clothes; this time with our caps and gowns and families by our sides. Graduation was a blur, and I somehow had a college diploma in hand and was smiling for pictures before rushing back to our little pink house to celebrate with friends and family. After sharing laughs and tears, I headed home with my parents, back to where I started four years before.

The rest of May was spent recuperating from a crazy senior year where I hadn't had a good meeting with sleep or relaxation in months. I caught up with friends from home and kept in touch with friends from school, all while trying to figure out what post-grad life was. (I still don't know in case you were wondering) By the end of May, I found myself going on job interviews always hopeful, but never successful. June rolled around and I found myself at a paid internship in my hometown. Definitely not where I expected to be...living with my parents, working for an extremely corporate company as an intern, making a fraction of what I'd hoped. At least it was paid, right?!

The rest of June was spent attending weddings, visiting roommates, working and quickly realizing another month post-grad had come to an end. I welcomed July by going on a big family trip to The Lake. Being born and raised on The Lake spending long summers with cousins, it was the most perfect vacation from working 40 hours a week and dressing like the grown-up I apparently was. Vacation ended way too soon and it was back to clocking in and out of my internship. By the end of July, I realized my last "free" summer was nearly over and immediately wished I could make it last a few months longer. 

August was off to a quick start, but came to a grinding halt when we rushed my father the hospital (after three whole days of begging him to go....I may have inherited his stubbornness)  where we found out he had suffered from a stroke. By the grace of God, he didn't die, even though every medical professional who saw his off-the-charts blood pressure said he should have. After spending a very up-and-down week with him at the hospital, he was finally released to go to rehab (he suffered significant loss of function on his left side, as well as slurred speech and some cognitive loss) where he stayed for three weeks. We finally welcomed him back home just in time for my sister's birthday and the last week of August. September was spent helping my mom with everything under the sun, getting used to my dad's new lifestyle post-stroke and getting back into my work routine.  

I welcomed October with open arms as it brought back a sense of normality and excitement. Back in September, I spontaneously decided to join some of my family to a trip to Dallas to go to the Notre Dame Shamrock Series game. I actually just stepped off of a plane less than 48 hours ago from the quick but extremely fun long weekend where we got to privately tour the state-of-the art Cowboys stadium, stayed with my aunt, uncle and cousin in their gorgeous house, and shop and eat our way through north Texas. And it was fabulous. All of it.

Now, I'm back in the Midwest, ready to enjoy my most favorite season. Although summer was much too quick, I have been planning exciting things to debut on this blog, and what better time than the season of crunchy leaves and chai tea. I plan to post every Tuesday, so make sure to keep up to date!

See, I told you I can't stay silent! But for now I will, and let you enjoy my summer/beginning of fall in pictures. See ya next Tuesday, and as always, thanks for reading!